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Books4TV is product and brand name of Shanghai Songgao Education Technology Co., Ltd. We aim to provide comprehensive and interesting reading experiences on TV for kids aged 2-8. 
Our ideas rely on the development of digital publishing and OTT technolgy. We plan to build up the bridge of both industries and provide excelent reading experiences to readers and increase exposure chances of new released books by publishing houses, as a consequence, to achieve a multiple win-win solution for each parties.
We believe, with development of OTT technology and widespread of connected devices used, people at home can enjoy more and more contents and steaming services with families not only in fields of movies, varieties and games but also education. Isn’t it amazing that your smart TV can take great and educational picture books to your kids for reading? It is a creative way to improve literacy as well as the relationship between parents and kids.
We do hope you enjoy the service and look forward to hear from you.


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